Custom-made software development

Custom-made software development for our customers is our main field of interest and we are involved in all activities bind on professional level.
During softwere development we prefer agile software development, which has very positive influence on speed and quality of software development. The most common methodology being used is SCRUM , when customer is in regular intervals informed about the current project state. By regular project presentations, customer is able to react and comment as soon as possible, in case the software does not reach his goals or ideas. Also the whole development process is thus constantly under his supervision (even if customer has no previous experience with software development and/or he cannot imagine the final product in use).
Innovative software is key for us. The speed how new technologies are evolving influences also software development and we try to keep pace with this trend. Several times we used new and innovative technologies, that had positive asset towards user experience or quality of software development process.
Always a step ahead - above standard technical skills and abilities give us an important advantage over our competitors. We are ready to design and deliver software using our experience, appropriate architecture and technical solution. Several times, thanks to these features we were able to deliver the best offer on the market, even in some case acceptable by non-profit organisations.

Based on software usage we are able to design, implement and deliver vaious solutions, such as:

  • desktop applications - applications being used on a single computer with graphical interface
  • server-side applications accesible via web-browser - applications accessible via computer's web-browser are best suited for bigger solutions without the need of installing any software on the end-user's computer.
  • mobile applications - mobile applications for variety of mobile platforms
  • multitier (enterprise) solutions - applications that consist of several layers (tiers), typically communicating with large amount of other applications using any standardised or custom protocols
  • websites - simple websites intended mainly as a company presentation or advertisment together with additional information for potential customers being available
  • specialized software solutions - non-standard software solutions, that often beside the development itself involve installation and configuration as well.

Body / Team Leasing

For companies that seek a temporal help with their software development, employing skilled developers is much more expensive than leasing. In these cases we can help and eliminate problems tied with large number of internal developers, such as:

  • unable to use 100% of available resources - it is not always possible to provide enough work for internal staff
  • large work diffusion - maintaining legacy systems, bugfixing and non-standard situations
  • work effectivity - large amount of employees do often have even other responsibilities beside software development and they are thus not able to work on the project as effectively as temporarly hired developer.

Another advantage of "external staff memebers" are their experiences, that come from variety of projects and this is often a great benefit for our customers and the success of their projects.

Training, Code-review, IT Consulting

Every company that is involved in software development should keep in mind quality that is influences:

  • usability
  • error rate
  • on-time software delivery
  • smooth maintenance without any problems
  • optimalized algorithms

to ensure sufficient quality, it is neccessary to constantly keep the technical skills and abilities of the team by trainings and courses . In case of a problematic project with high bug rate, we recommend Code-Review, that is intented to seek for errors, code evaluation and pinpointing possible weakspots. The result of the code review is a summary document and in case of interest we also provide trainings in order to eliminate such problems in the future.

IT Consulting - help with software analysis, infractructure design, software tiers design or correct use of software development methodologies.