About company

Annotation, s.r.o. | Innovate software solutions

Company Annotation was enlisted into Commercial Register on 20. 9. 2012 with intention to provide proffesional software solutions mostly for:

  • banks,
  • insurence companies,
  • small or middle-sized companies,
  • non-profit organizations.

Our goal is to gather IT experts and to create a dynamic and effective company, that establishes itself based on its referencies. The creation of Annotation was another natural step in constant and effective cooperation between companies IBIS,s.r.o. and SFB,s.r.o., partially known under name J2EE team. Even though the company itself is young we can provide several joint projects and references from the past.

We are can demostrate our work on projects for different IT companies including:

  • Davinci s.r.o.
  • Seges, s.r.o.
  • IDS Scheer Slovakia, s.r.o.
  • SYMBIOSS, s.r.o.,
  • Cleverlance Slovakia, s.r.o.

Cooperation is often used as:

  • partneship on software development,
  • independent softwere development,
  • consulting/architecture design,
  • IT experts leasing or leasing of the whole teams,
  • trainings and courses,
  • code-reviews,
  • help with variety of other challanges.

Our goal


“Precision, emphasis on quality and human approach in every aspect of our work are our methods, how to do consulting bussiness and to be always competitive advantage for our customers. We provide maximal opportunities for birth of great ideas. We honor people that "can do it" and customers that support that. ”


In everything we do, we honor highest etical principles such as honesty, secrecy and mutual respect. Trust of our customers and of our staff are highly valuable for us.


Results of our work achieve highest standards of profesionality, we are opened to new ideas, we support innovations and constantly improve technicall skills and education of our staff.


Customer satisfaction is our priority. It is the essencial part of our success and long-term proffesional relations.

Team work

We believe that we can succeed only by team work. We are know that only high quality, competitiveness and trust can lead towards discovering and keeping customers and thus ensuring our proserity and our company's future.